Finding your inner David.

So last night I was reading my bible and I came across psalm 139 which talks about God knowing our every thought before we have had it, about him having a plan for our lives set out before we are even born and that He
knitted us together in our mothers womb

I then opened my bible on the story of David and Goliath. David is a young shepherd and he kills Goliath against all the odds.

This made me think about how David was prepped, primed and ready for that day and he didn’t even know about it. God had been working up that day all David’s life. He was created the youngest, so he became a shepherd. God created in him the personality and obedience to his family and to god. That when push came to shove, he stepped up in super scary circumstances, took the weapons he had been taught to use, even though he looked ridiculous against Goliath. He even said no to what Saul tried to give him, David wasn’t designed for that armour. He was designed to use that stone and slingshot and give The Lord all the glory for a stunning victory.

So, if David can do it, so can we. What has God given you strength in? Are you using all your amazing god given gifts to glorify him? You can see in this story what happens when you step into Gods plan and go for it. He designed you to do it before you were even born.


2014 Lets see what you got.

So, it’s 2014. The time of year where EVERYONE reflects on the year just gone. On their highs, lows, their achievements and failures, loves and loss.

I’ve had a pretty good year, I don’t feel like it’s been particularly exciting.

In 2014 I have my 2nd wedding anniversary, a busy year at work coming up. I have some plans and I also can’t wait to see what God is going to .

This is my first blog. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes.